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Software for Embroidery, Fashion Textiles and Design Technology

The best way to teach and learn is by using the best tools.

Industry-standard software and unequalled educational programs are the reason why fashion, textile and design schools choose to use Wilcom. This ensures they use and offer the most innovative tools incorporated into Graphic Digitizing.

Start with the Basics

Use EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing or Decorating to teach students the fundamentals of both embroidery and digital design. New digital embroidery techniques replace time consuming hand embroidery work.

Every Discipline in One Solution

EmbroideryStudio e4 incorporates all the skills of multi-decoration, from sequin to chenille and much more. Expand student’s creativity with tools like borders, shading and letter design. Use brand new fills, 3D stitch types and other features embellishing the world of fashionwear, textiles and interiors.

Hone their production skills, learning to control connectors, travel runs, machine codes and more. They can also learn about client and order management using the new Order Job feature.

Rich Visualization Tools

Wilcom’s TrueView technology realistically renders stitching, shadings, texture and more directly onto high-definition 3D garments. This allows them to accurately simulate their finished work on screen, allowing them to learn whilst reducing the material costs and production time. A slow redraw allows them to simulate and study each stitch and learn these important production and design skills more quickly.

Multi-user Networked Licenses

Educational pricing for students along with convenient classroom networked license solutions makes EmbroideryStudio e4 the most cost effective machine embroidery tool and the reason it is so widely accepted around the world.

Training and Support

We will train your teachers to use Wilcom’s software and show them some of the best teaching practices we’ve learned from 39 years of embroidery and working with other educational institutions. Our support team are always available to help or just share ideas.

User Manual

We know that your teachers need textbooks too. Bouncing in out of the software using the F1 key directly to instant help is a rough way to teach. That is why we supply a complete, hyperlinked and well indexed user manual, an indispensable course companion.

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A Successful Future for Graduates

Returning to university as a mature student, I decided to study Costume Interpretation at the Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL. I always felt this was something I was meant to do.

For my final project, I found a costume I connected with immediately, however, I did not believe I had the skillsets required to create this beautifully embroidered habit.

Together with the Wilcom software and the many educational videos, I realized I could create what I needed. As I progressed with the project I moved onto their premium EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing to ensure it had that very professional finish. During the first test run, it became clear I made many errors in my original design. With help from a Wilcom, I redesigned the master file, and once that was perfected, I created all the other pieces to make up the whole suit.

I would have never been able to create this work of art without Wilcom, and I am very grateful for their help and support along the way. I am very proud of my creation!

Hopefully, after graduation, I will have the opportunity to incorporate digital embroidery into many more beautiful pieces.

Twan Lentjes

Wimbledon College of Arts, UK
Student of Costume Interpretation

Opens the door to Multi-Decorating

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite provides full vector and bitmap graphic software for multi-decoration, printing, cutting and engraving designs.

Included and fully integrated into EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing or Decorating, educators and students can work together learning new skills whilst having fun and creating something to be proud of.

Already an Adobe® user? With a click of a button, you can change CorelDRAW to both look and feel as if you are using Adobe® Illustrator®. Enjoy the familiarity of software you know with the added power and precision of Corel.

Just as Wilcom’s software is the global choice in embroidery, Corel’s software is the choice for organisations all around the world. This powerful combination will offer students the best chance in making themselves a success in the fashion and textile industry.

Megan Hilliard

New Designers Wilcom Award Winner for 2019

I have always had a particular appreciation for a handcrafted finish. Something I am drawn to and aspire to realize within my creative practice. My work aims to cultivate a marriage of contemporary technology and hand techniques, achieving an artisanal aesthetic while avoiding artificial and graphic qualities that can sometimes be associated with digital technologies. The potential for commercial manufacturing that digital embroidery possesses is something I would like to utilize. This is fundamental to my style and aesthetics.

Once introduced to Wilcom and the machinery in the embroidery studio, I completely fell in love. The process and endless possibility of effects created using EmbroideryStudio were truly unexpected. The breadth of opportunities for creating innovative surfaces and designs is limitless.

Megan Hilliard

Loughborough University, UK
Student of Textile Design

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