30 Day Free Trial

Not Available in USA or Canada

30 Day Free Trial



EmbroideryStudio e4 free trials are now available in Australia. 

Experience the difference that Wilcom's latest embroidery software can make to your business. Be more creative than ever before and increase efficiency so that you can get more jobs done with the same professional quality that your customer have always come to expect.

Please contact our team and they can arrange the trial today.

Experience why everyone loves Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4 software before buying it:

Local Support & Training

Local Support and Training

Call or email us for technical support
Wilcom’s .EMB file

Wilcom’s .EMB file

9/10 contract digitizers prefer working with .EMB files.
Quality embroidery lettering

Quality Embroidery Lettering

Over 200 expertly digitized embroidery fonts included

Wilcom and Corel are partnered to provide a fully integrated multi-decoration software solution.

Stitch Quality

The leaders in stitch quality to ensure jobs are done perfectly first time

Easy-to-Use Fabric Presets

Auto Fabrics automatically adjusts stitch settings to suit fleece, pique, cotton and more

Convert Embroidery to Vector

Convert your customer’s embroidery designs to print and increase the scope of your business and customer satisfaction

Product Visualizer

Display quotes and estimates on high-res garment images to ensure accurate, faster and easier job order management.


CorelDraw X8
EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing and Decorating includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suiite X8.
EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing and DecoStudio includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suiite X6




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