Press Release: September 13, 2013

Business owners using illegal software jailed, in Tirpur India

Authorities in Tirpur, India have arrested six individuals and opposed bail. This is as a result of raids which are part of an ongoing campaign to tackle the illegal use of Wilcom software not only in India but in all markets, domestic and international. 

Software piracy is a crucial issue and interferes with the viability and success of our Industry and the businesses operating within it. The use of illegal software creates an unfair advantage for the offender as the cost reduction they receive (in not purchasing their software legally) means that they can offer their products or services at lower prices, making it difficult for businesses using legal software to compete. This can consequentially cause legitimate businesses to fail resulting in greater economic problems; however increasingly more and more countries are introducing laws and government regulators to deal with anti-competitive behaviour in an attempt to regain fair competition in the marketplace.

Unlicensed software is not only illegal and detrimental to our economy but is also often volatile and unusable. Illegal software users do not receive product support, updates, features and enhancements, leaving them exposed, isolated and unable to adapt to market trends. Behind every legitimate piece of Wilcom software is 30 years of experience to ensure that our customers get the best performing software available. New innovations and offerings are reserved exclusively for genuine Wilcom software users and we are constantly expanding and improving the capabilities of our software to help our customers keep pace with the latest trends and technology. 

We are committed to the continuous development and enrichment of our software and protecting the quality of our brand and the sustainability of our customers businesses. We will therefore be increasingly communicating with our customers about these issues and supporting law enforcement authorities in their effort to stamp out the use of illegal software.

Please visit the Software Piracy section of our website for more information about this important issue.