Print + Multi-decoration

Print + Multi-decoration

Apparel decoration & design software

  • Do you offer screen printing or direct-to garment printing?
  • Do you offer heat press transfers or laser cutting?
  • Do you need a way to approve outsourced embroidery?
  • Do you want to stay competitive and expand your offerings?

Wilcom & Corel® have a fully integrated solution for you.

Wilcom is not just for embroiders! With Corel as our partners, and our range of products we have the tools you need to create printed sportswear, uniforms or fashion t-shirts and work with your embroiderer.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017 is INCLUDED with both EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing or Decorating, making them a formidable combo.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 

Versatile and powerful integrated graphic design software

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an experienced designer, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017 is your trusted graphic design software solution. With its content-rich environment and professional graphic design, photo-editing and website design software, you have everything you need to express your style and creativity with endless possibilities.

Switch effortlessly between EmbroideryStudio e4 and CorelDRAW with a click of a button. You then simply continue to work within the same software where making a change in CorelDRAW Graphics mode will automatically appear in Wilcom Decoration (embroidery) mode and vice-versa.

Open and edit popular vector and bitmap graphic design formats e.g., Corel .CDR, Adobe .AI, .PDF, .EPS, etc. Convert graphics into embroidery by auto or manual digitizing. Convert selected embroidery objects into vector or virtual embroidery bitmap graphics. Save everything in the Wilcom .EMB design file.

This is truly the only complete multi-decoration software for the industry.

Frustrated with out-sourcing embroidery? Need to stay competitive?

EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating


If you’ve ever considered extending your offerings to include embroidery or rhinestones, or just want to have more control for cost-saving, the answer is simply, Wilcom's EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating which includes CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017 using the familiar CorelDRAW work space you can easily create your own embroidery or edit out-sourced designs.

Not only that, but it also allows you to work all in the one environment and be competitive by adding rhinestones, monograms and Virtual printed embroidery!

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Just like TrueSizer, only better.
WilcomWorkspace... Your online embroidery companion.

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Open any embroidery design, including the latest e4.5 .EMB, in stunning TrueView. Resize, recolor, export stitch files, and print production worksheets, from anywhere, on any PC, Mac or mobile device.

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Estimator takes your customer’s logo as a high-quality bitmap image and converts it to an accurate stitch estimation in seconds. Using Wilcom’s proprietary cloud technology, you get precise stitch estimations for production quotations, leaving behind all the guesswork.

Available in your language on PC, MAC and tablet devices.