Offsets Advanced

Embolden logos, badges and other designs with distinctive, colorful borders.

  • Creates automatic outlines and offset borders
  • Borders can be any combination of 10 object types
  • Multiple offsets each with its own independent object type, color, size and more

Offsets Advanced gives you more power and creative options for highlighting and adding outlines and offset borders to your customer’s designs. This tool wraps borders precisely around the shape of any closed object, group of objects, or the entire design. In one action, you can create an outline, and multiple offset borders, each with their own offset, stitch effect, size and thread color. Edit each of them individually.

Choose border object types from Run, Triple Run, Input C (satin), Backstitch, Motif Run, Stem Stitch, Vector, Fusion Fill, Complex Fill (satin), and Complex Fill (tatami). Choose between several different methods of handling overlapping shapes for special cases.

Compatible Software