Shading and Open Fills

Add depth and dimension to your embroidery with powerful shadows, shades and open fills.

Complex shadings and open fills add dimension, color and perspective to embroidered designs. Simple menu selections let you create a range of effects using complex combinations of stitch patterns, spacing, angles and more.


Accordion Spacing

Varies stitch spacing between dense and open fill, producing the graduated shading effect that’s time-consuming to achieve manually. Select from one of eight different preset effects and then adjust the densities at both ends for the exact gradient you want. Combine it with other stitch effects to open up even more creative possibilities.
M Accordion Spacing Video

Color Blending

Is Accordion spacing times two. Instead of creating the graduated effect with one color, Color Blending does it with two (for instance, green graduating to blue). Use it to create perspective, shading and other dramatic color effects. Tell EmbroideryStudio which stitch effect, spacing and colors you want to use, and it blends the two colors with a perfect stitching pattern.
M Color Blending Video


Creates textured fills using run stitching that meanders randomly within a border. Control every aspect of the run: stitch length, spacing and angle, loop spacing, and more. Size or reshape your Stippling run any way you want. EmbroideryStudio automatically adjusts the Stippling effect even when you change the type of run stitch.
M Stippling Video

Cross stitching

Is a great technique for filling large areas with low stitch counts—it’s perfect for outlines, borders and appliqué. Control number of stitches per inch of fabric, stitch orientation, thread counts and more from a single menu. Travel runs are automatically stitched under and along the cross stitches so they’re not visible in the finished design.
M Cross Stitch Video

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